Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

2 •. Di'Vine ~tnel fupreme. A man may by indire~ m·~anes fave hitnfelffrom the fentence of. the former, but not of the latter. · Joab may efcape David,,but fhall · not efcape Solomon-. And,as him who dcapeth the fword of Hazael (1 Kingst9.17·) iliallJehu --, flay ; fo he that by denying Chrifl: and his truth fuall fave himfelfe from aBeare, fhall meet with a Lion,and be devoured. 3. There is atwo-fold danger, temporal/ & eternal/. A man by e• vil means may fave himfelffrcm the former,bt~t by Ao means from the latter .-If the filly fi!h leap 01at of the pan, it fals into the burning coales. A man lofeth that which above all he would fave.And thi~ lo!fe is amplified ; I .by the dearnefle of the thing lofl:, his mofl: pr~eious foule and life : l.by the dtiration,it is lofl eternally: j .by · the certainty, the fentence is paffed,andcannot be repealed. · /-- F 4 - objca. •