Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Life faved, though not loft,how. Life Ja-ved and loft. fcring, but the fnfferer, being:a me1nber of Chrift; and performed, not for any merit.(for it is : but our duty and a thank full re.. · turne of our lives to him, who . ·ave hi-; for us) but for ·the fiith- : fulneffe of the promi[e, apprc- -, hended by the faith ofBe]eevers. ·· Object. But !hall none fave his life,but he that Iofeth it? . Anfw. Yes: many of the Patri- ; arkts and faithfull in an ages Ii- ' ved and died peaceablyin a good 'old age. But two rules mufi bee ; refolvcdupon: .. · . · 1. Ifoccafion be 0ffered, afld I• ·cod call fur the life in the wit- : ndfe offaith and -\vell-doing, · it . ·may not be faved : and now if it be,faved:, it is lolr. · · . 1·~ If occafiot1 ·bee not• g-iven, yet- there mufl: bee an experrati- ;on; a.refolution, a readiueffe of minde to it, \vhenfoever it 1nay bee given. For we reade among the Ancient of 1ncnto/l Martyrs, · or :''