Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

tton• .or voMrJ · ~hrtyrs, without fire or bloud, in whom the readinefie of 1ninde to Iofe the life for God and his truth, is accep• · ·ted of GOD, as the lofing of the .life :-for, God accepts the wilJ for the deed, and accounts of A·- braham as if- bee had facrificed his fonne, andfaithofhimi bee · [pared not hufonne, though hee was fpared :And of David; that · ·he had built him an houfe; \V hen ·hee had it but in his heart to build one :for this built l:i1n a:1 houfe. 06jef1. But it feemes, if a man to Cve his life flye i :1 perfecution, hee lofe-th his life by C> faving· it'; · Anfw~ DHHngi1ifh ofperfonsce Some are-bound not to flye, and l thefe by faving their·ltv·es doe lofe them. Others are free, and Who m3 may fafely-flye.Tofay fomething · notf!ye ofeach ofthefe. pnfecu For- the fonner ·: ·l, Some are on. 1 ' bound ~ •