Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

2. Flying in perfecution. bound inw~~rtfiJ, , by an inward eaU and voice of the Spirit; a~ Paul was 6oundinfpirit to goe up to Jerufalem-, even to fuffer, A.Efs 2.o.1z.and was endued with fuch ·a fpirit ofcourage and fortitude, that his life was not dcare unto him ; but he was ready to endure all extremitie~ for Chrifl:. Such a fpirit G 0 D gave to Luther, when hee went to Wormes to difpute,.that though hee faw no- . thing but death & danger before . · him, yet fo many Divels as there were tiles on the houfes could not rurne him off. And to many . of the Martyrs in Queen Manes . : ·daies God gave in filly bodies no- . bJe and fi:out fpirjts,to contemne i all threats and torments. Thefe ; may not flye in perfecution. 2. Some are externaliJ bound to lland, by vertue either ofthe· generallca1ling of a Chrifiian1 as wnen by amans flight thewhole Church a1~d truth is indangered, which