Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Flying In perftcution. which muft be dearer than amans life :or of rhefPecilfll calling, as _ when by the worke of it @ 0 · D -- may bee more glorified, and the Church edified, I mufi keep tnee in the way, notwithftanding the perill enfuing. For example: If the perfecution bee generall and common to the whole Church,.. the MiniRer may not flye;for the . weak are in great danger, & moll: need the fi1pport of the fl:rong: & now the duty ofthe calling mufl: ' be clearer than his life.Whereas if thtperfecution were perfonail,& directed againll: the Pallor one1y, hee were in his owne liberty to . withdraw himfelf,onlyforatime. 3. Some are tyed & bound not 3-· to flye,by reafon of their prefent efl:ate,efpecially in two cafes:. Firfl:, when God hath cut off ' all lawfull meanes and wayes of flying, and aman cannot efcape ;but by uniawfull meanes; as an . _ officious lye, hearing ofMaffe, eq!:livocations,,