Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

II)J • o ·Xe,l~tUo~ iEt!ITit:VJ. tau· 'filtbr. i );:H, ci'/Wii. ~cJ ~hi~ c.,. 'rg- ,n.,t.ad Polyc:·arp. . neither would buy ·delive.rance fodeare. . .For .firfl:, ,if wee looke at Chrifr, bee is to be · loved hell: of all, and ·all _things mull bee accounted droj[e and doung in comparifon ofhlm, Phi./.3·7·H.My \velbeloved i ; the chieft of ten thoufand, CAnt.)jyo. And 'withalJ,hee is fuch a Lord, as llat:h ab· folute ·command ·and power of our life .and death :for wee are not our owne , but his; and if hee call -and command us ,to feale our profeffion with our bloud, wee mu£1: bee ready ·to magnifte Chrift in our 6odie.r, 6y life or death , Philtp. 1. 2.0. not · fearingthofe that can kill the bo- .dy. Againe, if wee lookc on .his merit a!ld defert, bee::loved not his life to death for !us, ·but readily offered it up · on o~tr , behalfe, Luf<! i 2 . $ o. ·How then Jnould · ~!.ee hold our fe1ves · bound· in ·. l.vay:: .;·of. thankful,. .. · . · nelfe,