Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

-. to the death. netfe, if wee had a thoufand 1 lives, to giv.e them up for him? ' Jhall the J ufl: for the unjuil:, and not the un j u 0: for the J ufl: '? Secondly, if wee looke to the 1 2. truth and Gofpe1: it is far more worthy than all wee can give in exchange for it ; it cof1: Chrifl: deare: hee thought it worthy of his life, and bought _it \Vith his ' precious bloud, which \vas the, -6/fJud pf God, A EJ. 2 o. 2 8 .& fhould wee thinke much to bu v it with · our .lafi: ·blond ? Remember the pre~ept,Pro. -z. 3.2 3 .Btt] the truth · ~tndfellitn~t, no not at any rate. Got! bath snagnified his truth above all things ,and ftl muf.l: wee: Shall not €hrifl: ihrink from the truth to fave his Hfe, and fhall we,being called towitnefs,leave it in the plaine field 1 Thirdly, looke on our felves: 3.· -r.We are fouldiers under Chri!h colours: A fouldier ill the field Jels his life for a bafe p~y;&i~s _re·a-1 . : dy