Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

unto M art)1rdome. 12 7 J. converfion,and of mighty power by that Spirit of fortitude, by which of weake wee become fhong. And therefore wee mull: pray earnefily, that hee would pleafe to f\:abliih us unto this triall, & fi:rengthen us with ~ell patience,!Dng-fuffering)and joyfulnej[e, Col. I. I o. For none ·have more cowardly loft the field, than fuch as hav·e moft boafted of their valour and firength at home. Pray · alfo for that eye· falve , w hi eh may let thee behold the glory ofChrHr, and thine eternalJ feli- ~ity hid with him:thls wil make thee forget thy felf(as the Difciple~ did at Chrill:s Transfigntation) & long after him_;and indeed alittle tafie ofhis. glory \Vil makt us valiant to take the Kingdome by force, as hirnfelfe did for the glory that \vas before him. 2. Then take thy felfe it} pand, - 2. and firive daily in thine owt'le mortification and dcniall of thy G 4 felfe;