Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

unto Martyra'ome. fuch extremities. They endured racking, & burning,&.he.wing a- ('under·;&all 6yfaith. Thejuft .in Heb.xr~ trouble mufi: live 6y faith, H~b. 3 8 • · z .4~ And e~ery houfe not founded uprnsa rock...~, when flouds beat & Mat.7.17. fl:ormeG blo\v, mufi:. fall, and the fallfl1all be very great•. 4.Get found affetlion,& grow i • up in the love of God and J efus · Chrifr, & then all torments fhall be.fweet for his fake;asJacob for · R:achet I Cor. T 3·7 .love[Hjforeth aU thing.r. Clfnt.8.6.1oveid ftrong ~« de~tth: thecoales·therofare fie- .ry coales, and a'vehement flame ; .. much water cannot quench it,nor fiouds .drown it. ·Nay" where this love is fervent , it kindleth a ' flame of zeale, by -which if God cannot otherwife be glorified, or l rather than God lhould Iofe bis . glory, .the Saints would endure .even the torments ofhell : Mofcs would rather bee raz-ed out of. tha Booke of life , and Paul · G 5 fepa- · l