Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

6-. Meditations to .fit feparated from Chrift, rather thanGod not glorified. ; .Chrill:ian refignaticon notably · conduceth hereunto. Learne to commit thy foule nnto God in welldoinl, as into the hands ofa faithfull.;JCreatour, 1 Pet. 4.19. Thus did Paul, 2 Tim.t. ·I 2. 1 ~{_no-w -.; whom I h11ve heleeved, And am perfwaded that he u Ahle to k.§ep that _ "Which I have c~mmitted to him,ti/1 that daJ. A childe that bath ·any precious thing given him , the bell: way to keep it, is, to put it · ·into his fathers hands to keep. Thy foule is the mofr precious thing thou haft, let thy Father . keep it,& it 1halbe fafe whatever befall the body & outward man. 6. Chriftian confirmation, or . corroboration unto t~ll /(Jng·/Hffering and patience with joy,(ot. I .I:t. Wee maft daily out-grow fome weakneffe, and bee ad- . , ding to our llrength, and Jaying"' up fomething to animate and encourage