Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

tolofe the foul e. So u every one· th~tt iJ greedy fJf . gaine,which tak.!J awtq the life of : the o11Jners thereof( as in our New Tranflation.) Yea fo £l:rong a ft1are the Divell thought this,that he a{faulted Chri£1: himfel.fe with it, and kept it for his Jafr & moft violent on-fett,if all other Jhoold faile him : ~// thefe will I give .~ thee,M(I,tth.4. 9· and when othis would not worke, bee departed hop~leffe'.And what elfe doth our lord affirme,infaying, How h~trd• .. u it fora-Yicbmanto 6efaved? For firfr;the gain of the world R:eafon·I. commonly: cfirangeth the heart from God :J from he~ven, frotn . . · thoughts and de fire~ of' .it . . The CoJ.;.r• , love of the world ts an IiJol.ttry Jam.4-4· and fpirituaU 'Adultery~ w-hereby · Pfa.73~1 the heart g0eth a "'Phori'!g from 1 God: and as the adultere-r- gives , the · fl:rength 'of his body to· a·:. {hanger; f<!> the woFld1ing ·gives - .the fi:rength an·d confictence.ofhi s . foule to a ftrange god, ,the.gGd of .· " . the.