Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Dangtr by earthly gaine, the world,& faith to the wedge,. . ThDu ~trt my confideHct ,'}r;6 3 t. 2 I. As the Idolater facrificeth to. hi~ . l.doll;. fo the worldling is the t Priefl: that facrificeth to the world and Mammon. And as the Idolater ferves his Ido1J, & wor- . -frtips it ; fo the lover of gain be- ; flow es his love , aftea ion , fer- . vice., honour, and.time. upon the world, to g~t_ o~ increafe it,.and thinl<es all the thne fet apart to Gods fervice exceeding tedious and burdenfmne. A11d is not the Idolater in danger of perdition r •or e1fe an. Adulterer?. . 2:. . -- Se.cond1y, defire to be rich and . '•, ' /~ gaine the world fiuffc.th the foule · lWith a-tho11fand damnable lufts, every one·able to finkeit to hell . . This one fin brings in a band and :army ofwicke~dneffes ;.(wels. tl't..e ,heat;t with pride, deads ·it with ·fecurity, begets a. licentioufneffe and .boldneffe in !inning , _fils the hand.s ··w.ith wickedneife e..c robberY.' -