Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to lofe the Joule. I 57 . bery ,the mouth with oatbs, curfes, lyes, againft CSod and co.nfcience;) the .houfe \vith bribes and riches ofiniquicy,the belly wirh bread ofdeceit,ufury,and oppreffion. In one word, it is a fruitfull root of all evill. I Tim~6.lo. arid a covetous P.erfon is amofr v:icious perfon;no fin will he for- verentt4 bear,that may bring himin gain :. gttm? ~~ he is a fit anvile for the D.i ve1l to ·;~:;.~Jt forge & hammer out'any mifchie- unqrtam voui device upon ; as in the ex- prope~a11tk amples of Ahab, Balaam, Judas, ttvarz? }tt Demas >· aU.carried in the vtolent vtn.[at.z4. fircam. of this fin to hainous acls _againll: their confcicnces.. And doth not fo curfed a root endanger the foule? . Thi-rdly, de fire ofg·'.li11e threa~ 3·.· tens danger and fingular detriment to~ the fonJ;becaufe it brings it almofi to an impoffibility of repentance and falvation: Matth. I 9•20. It iJ cafier for a C.amell .to paj[e through the eye of 11 needle,