Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

I 5 S Danger 6y earthly g aine, needleithanfor a rich man to 6e (a· · ved: the reafon is,becaufe it cam-. m only frufrrates the meanes of repentance and falvation. Our Sa- . viour noteth it in thofe two Pa~ rabies, Mat .I 3. that all the feed cafl: among thornes of -worldly cares is choakeJ: the thorns hinder the fi1o-be.ames from 1nining 911 the blade and fialke, and unroot it within. And,w.hat was it elfe, that kept men from the fupper ofthe great King,but buying of oxen, tnarrying of wives, and other worldly occafions l What pulled gpod 1v1artha fi·()ln the· ·feet of Chrift, and from hearing his gracious words,but.diil:ratbons abotlt many things, ·which tnade her forget the one thing ne... ce Jfary! · · Doth notour experience lhew us, that of a-ll other men, ·world· ling,s, who,are in their thoufands ~nd ten thoufands, are mofl: dull and uncapable perfons ifi fpiritu- . . ~I