Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to lofe the Joule. I 59 --- --- -- ------ --- all things? Call them to workes ofjufrice, piety, mercy, neigh- , bourhood, to uphold the wor- -fhip of God, to exercife bounty ·and beneficence, wee fpeake to! deafe men, and !hall as foon perfw ade the pillars they fit by. If they come to Church, and heare, and get a little underll:anding,and be convinced, and prick't a little, -the cares of the world choake all prefently, anq theircovetoufi1eife fuffers them not tp profit by any preaching; as the Prophets,E~r~ 3 j. 3r. Ofall m.en the bitterefrenemiesjand fcorners of their teachers, are covetous men .If Chrifi himfelfe theuld come and teach them, they would fcorne 'him. Thefe things he~trd the Pharifeet, and meck.!d him :for they-were eovetom-, Luk! I o.tfo' they pretended other things againfi:Chrifi: ; but it was their covetot4foefe that kept ahve their malice. Fourthly,asit keeps out grace ' . tn I '