Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

160 Dangerbyean h{ygaine, in,aH the m~anes of it,fo ie eates out & cafieth it ont of the heart; as the lean Kine ate up. the fat,and were leane and ill-favoured thll. Ho"v many Apofi:ates and Revol ~ ters confirme this-truth, who in their lower eflate could rtade, pray,keep the Sabbaths, and their private watches with God)c.ouJd infi:ruct their families,and ufe di· ligence in good waies & meanes; · but now refemble the l\1-oone, · which never.. fuffereth eclipfe but_ at her full, and that is by the · earths interpofition between the Sunne and her.felfe ? Better had it been, that thefe had never· feen .· · l penny of their wealth, than to have exchanged fuch things · for. it. And is not the foule now · in .danger ?· · Qfteft~ Is it not then lawfuil to lab(;JUr for riches, . for our felves ·and ours ·to live well :and hone£1- , ly in tlte world 1 , • 1 .Anf-w.God hath enJoyned man · to . ~