Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

to lo[etb~ Joule. 161 ----------~-------~~~ to labour, and confequently, permitteth him the reward of it for · th~ . fit!l:aining and upholding of. himfelfe and his family. Againe, - there is an honefi care for the family, which is part of a mans calling enjoyned by the Apofl:le, if any man provide not for his family, heeis worfe than an Infi- · del1, I Tim.). 8. But the thing t condemned is the le eking ofthtt ' ~ 0 f J Whenee ]d I. ut o oraer. nror this dann 2. Out _of mettfore ~ k gercom.. I. The former, whenwefee meth. it in the lirfl: p1ace, a5 that which . 1 .. wee can worfl: want ; when the unbeleeving heart faith in it felfe fecretly , I mu!t .attaine this and ~ that profit, anJ pitch ofefiate, I ·mull: compa{fe filch and fttch a projetl, and then I will become religious and devout : contrary to our Savrours counfell, .bf~ttthew 6.' ~. Firft ftek.! the Kingdome of God. . 2.0ut ofmettfore: both Eeeking z.' more