Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

t66 Ufe4• How to a.. void the danger of eanhly gain e. 1. How to avoid danger may as childrencry,when the fa- . ther takes away a knife from ·them:butit is our fafety to want what may hurt us fo much. · Lafl:ly, let it mederate our de~, 1 fires, to ufe the world weined1 Iy ,even as the Mariner the fea, he -cannot leave the fea,only he mufi avoid the rockes and dangers. Queft. Ho\V? Anfw. By foure rules. I. .Labour to defcry thofe rockes .: note the ~rfull attendants of this 6nne, how eafily it . fwalloweth unlawfull things, what mifchiefes uiber ir, and are : perpetrated for mony; the poore · ~fuall be fold for ihooes, their fa- . ces ground,jutl:ice perverted,little and falfe 1neafures, great and unjull: prices: Balaam will curfe, Gehazi will bribe, Demetrius will cry' downe Paul for his Images, Judas for a little mony will fell his MaG:er, and Chrifiians I will deny· their profeffion for a vile . . ' ..