Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

/ of IV1Jrldly g ai11e~ . 16 7 vile price: here is-0l£~mmon of Luk.169 . .iniqttiry,_ the next odious-name to I theDivell himfelfe. . , z. Confider , the· diftance of 2 . •that we \defire, and that w·e.hazzard for it; in.the vanity of this life, anq the eterni ty of that wee · .exped ; in rhe bafeneffe of earth , · which we covet, made to tread · under our feet:.and the,preciotls foule of tnan, which i£ from heaven~ and hath no ear th in it~ N~y, God hath made the·body ofman :upright, and his face lifted up from the earth, that bee might conceive how high his foule !hou1d be elevated from it. And why fhould he take that into his 'heart, which the Lord bath caft under his feet ? 3. Labour to efteeme of the 3. ·world, as Ifrael ofManna , and that wealth is but for -the day; and ifthis dayes gathering or la- . hour willferve this daies food,) fo fhall to morrowes labour fup- . ' ply