Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

How to avoiddanger p1y for to morrowes tneate : Efieem it a moveable, but God is the portion: Efieem it a ~ea1-1es, but man lives noi by bre~d one!y, Mat·.4·4• God is our life,and the maintajner ofit:Why then doefi thou not cafi over thy care to him , and confine it to the day? Hee gave thee thy body,will bee not give rayment a1fo? Hee gave his Son ne for thy foule; will hee then deny food for the body ? He made the mouth; and will he not . give meat? Dodl thou tru£l: him for the falvati(i)n of thy {oule, . and not for the provifion of thy body? for heaven, and not for earth? 4 · Pray to finde the extreme I need ofChriil: and his righteoufneffe, and that all other things are . but conditionally nece!fary. Pray that G 0 D would incline thine heftrt to his tdl:imonies , that it may be fo 1nuch the more.dra\vn _ 1 from ·covetous cares wh1ch are _ oppofed ------------------------------- .