Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Di[ciples ofChrift,tvho. 7 pended on the mouth of Chrifl:. By the word of Chrifi: mull: thou alfo bee made a Difciple ; thou mufi be called by his voice in the 11inifl:ery.Doefi thou then cleave to the means ofgro\vth in grace, . & lifl:en attentively to the word ofChriil:? fo did the Difcip1es, and fo wilt thou. But if thou carefl not. for the preachihg of the word, if thou defirefi not·to grow in knowledge, but contentefi: thy felfe in thy ignorance~ or with fome confufed know ledge: If the word bee neere thee, thou runneil: from it; if it bee abfent, thou runnefi not after it : thou hereby fhewefl thy fe1fe to be no Difciple. - 2. TheDifcip1es being called, · left 110 for ChrHl: , and acknowledged ntJ M after but him, becaufe he had the ~ords of eternal! life. If thou alfo bee a Difciple, thou renouncefl: all other Mafiers, and all e1nployments that B 4 will 2. Mar. 4· &1J.8. Jl)h.6 6S. Refjn:ct Chb!l,& dep::ndance on him