Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Difciples of Chrift,who. will not frand with Chrifl:ianity. If thou be aDifciple,thou knoweft: the truth, and the truth bath ftt thcefree,Joh.8.3I· .Ofafervant of fin, thou art a freeman in grace. The Difciples walked in a courfe of mortification ; they fought not the world nor themfelves : they were no fwearers, gamefiers, deceivers, ufurers,haters ofgrace,lyers, or flanderers; and if thou be fo~ thou art noDifciple. 3. The Difciples wera called to be neere Attendants ofChrifr, to abide and continue with him, and performe all his commandements. John 8.3 z. IfJee a6idein my word,yee are verily my Difti.. pies: that is, ifyee continue both in the faith and obedience of m v word. Art thou a neere friend u~- tf.I4. 1 to Chrifi? fo were they. Tee are , my friendJ (faith Chrifl:) if yn doe 'lf1hatfoever I command y(Ju. The / 1 bell: triall .of thy friendfhip ~o Chn£1: i ' ~