Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

D ifciples ofChrift,who. Chrifi: is in difficult, cofl:ly, and dangerous cotnmandements: So the Lord tried Abrahams friend1hip. Otherwife,why callcft thou him Lord as if thou wert a Difci- multfJttLu~ ' h ditores ple, and dr;eft not the t in gJ hee Thriv.~~ commflndJ thee? poph.Io5. 4· The Difciple$ were glad of Luk. 6 Chrifis prefence ; and \V hen bee 4 ~ was abfent,their hearts \Verefu// Mar.9.rr. of forro"W. If thou like\vife be a 1 Joh~ hl~·6 D · r. · 1 h fc I · h · oy 10 1m trctp e, t y ou e reJoycet 111 or mo the prefence ofChriil: , in his or- after him. dinances, in the directions and confo1ations of his Spirit: thou art alive when his fweet word drops upon thy foule , and thou droup_efl: when Chrill hath owithdrawne himfelft from thee in any ofthefe meanes of his prefence. ~m_icuf!J But canfl: thou be aDifciple (ex- . ltgu, ~ J d ) h fi d I pr<R{emzam cept a u as t at n efl: as mucq ejmnona- . fweetneffe in the word ofChri!l:, mat.Ct;fsiod as in the white of an egge? that inPfol.I 8. profeffefi thou hall: no comfort in the word;) but it is a perpetua11 B S: dropping