Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Difficulty offelfe-deniall. I 9 --------...___.-------- were a difficu1t commandement to fie{b, as appeares in the exam-' ples both of him that mull firft 6ury hu father,and oid his friends fare\\~ eH, as all0 of the young man that left Chrif\: becaufe of his p~JJtJ!ions.Butwhen it comes Mat,r fo clofe to us,as to lead us out of our owne rellfon , wljedome and juJgement,what an hard province proves it? For, who thinkes not his reafon neerer hi m than his religion! what worldly-wife 1nan can yeeld to that of rhe Ap,,fl:le, That he muf\: 6ecome ~t jcole to 6ee r Cor~3· wife? Toadvife a Jnan to defpife 11. lands,liberty,and life for his profefsion, were to wilh a man to hate his owne fleili, which no man in his wits ever did. To perfwade to the keeping . under of lufis,and to the forgoing ofdearling Gnnes,is,to cut them fhort of meat and drinke: thefe are fweet morfel$, which they hide under Job zo.u. their tongues,& \yill not 1et goe. l · 2. Naturall .