Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

20 Difficulty ~f [elfe.-denial/. . 2. Naturall pride and felfe· love is fuch, that it is with us as with Solotnon ·in the dayes of his folly ,1£ ccle f. 2.1 o.~wbatfoever mine eyes dejired,I withheld it not. Nay, wee wifh fo well to our !elves, as wee could not offer the leaft: wrong to our leafi: & lowefl: joynt, nor endure it of others. We. are fo far from crofsing our felves ~ that wee endure not any other fhould croffe .us , ·or de:ny ns in ourperfons or corrupt lufl:s. Haman is ficke on his bed , becaufeMordecai denies him obeyfance. , If John deny Herod his Herodias,hee {hall dye for it. If Jonas lo!e his gourd, hee will be angry to the death• . If a man touchlamech, hee will revenge feventy times feven times. St.tch · ~ imp~tie ncy and impotency is in our nature, if wee bee cro!fed in our wil s. 3· 3. Difirufi: in God, and trufi: in the meanes, maketh the precept