Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Necejfity offelfe-deniall. 2 I cept yet more difficult. ·We fee not eafily how wee can do well I without friends,wealth, liberty, favour , prefennents . Wi(edome (wee fay) i& good with an inheril tance,E~clef. 7. w~e would be on the funny fide, and on the gatheng hand; and it is a fore thing / to for fake all ; which makes the young man goe fod away from Mac.r9.u Chri!l: himfelfe. God in his creatures \vee can better content our felves withall, than either in himfelfe or in his Son. Our unbeleeving hearts fee the gift better than the gi v- ' r. Wee cannot live by promifes ; fometbing we would have in hand, and are loth to let all our hold go. Ye feethenecej]ity offe1fe:de- .niall. Ou.r Lord was not igno.: rant ~how this precept ·is an hard faying, able to difcourage any from once . thinking to follow ht.~, -or~e~omea Difciple: And therefore nis greati . ·wif:edome would