Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

2 2 N ecejfjty offe lfe-denia/1. 1 \vould not have laid this ground 1 fora foundation, if ,it had not bin ! fo neceffary' as without it the \ whole frame . of profefsion 0 Gxe re- · would prove- rutnous : For, . I I. The Context affirmeth a I• , twofold necefsity of this felfepcrit ho- ' deniall;both in the words imme- -~~~1n.~a diately going before (for withp1oft" o • b o·r:. 1 lfm,em·t Hr 0ut 1t a man cannot ee a . 1tctp e ltrte,anrto.!f. ofChri£1: ;) and in the words imcT·77· ' mediatly following: for where1..erjis. i as every Chrifiian mufl: bee acquainted with the cr<?ife,no man can take up his croffe patiently, who bath not firft denied himfelfe; and therfore that is rightly fetafter thiJ. · 2. The corruption of nature is fuch before grace , a~ that a man in .ev-ery thing is wholly tainted, w•H"~r:.rll,,u·- and contrary to tht image of God. Now all that vicious dif.. u- pofition mufi: bee renounced_, be.. rnm~t~tfkfu,m.l fore Gods. image .can l}ee· re~ew .. ti.3 • ed,even as all old rubbjfb mull:. be • 1 _:... carrted