Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

---- M1rkes of felfe-denia/1. 39 enough, above ten in the hundred, yea an hundred for ten,. yea for one,M~&r.l0.30· · ~eft. But what are the fignes or mark~s of~e~fe-d~niall? N'tes of An{. One IS 1nregard ofGod: one that it will ea(\: a man wholly out of denies ·himfelfe upon ~od, ~s David, himfc:lfc. · Pja/.73 .~ S. wh~m h~vi I in he~- I• ven b11t theef~na there u none ~pon earth that I de.fore be .fide~ thee... It . willlooke direCl:ly at God in al~ things. ln doing: things it will doe all by Gods·rule ; it will doe all for his glory: the love ofGod 1. .Cor.1 · conftr~inJ it to duty. In duties of piety or charity it feekes not the owne things , not private profit, nor iscar·ried by the aymes that flow from felfe-love ; but aymcs at theK'ingclome it feUe, and the promoting of Gods glor.y in his owne falvation. The fecond is in refpttl of ~. ChrHl:: for -whom hee efleemiJ 111 thingtlllj{eillld-iloHng, Phi/;.;.8. · 'l'hefe