Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

40 MarkeJ ~f felfe-denia/1. Thefe inferiour comfons are but ,as the fiar-light in refped: of the brightne£fe ofthe Sun;, which is , in his eye : for Chrift he can want Phit.4. xx. as well as a6outJd, bee . empf.J as u. well as full, yea be nothing, that Chrill may be all in all. · 3 • The third is in refpea of the Foure · word of God; fdfe-deniali bethi13gst~nt wrayes itfelfefundry wayes: felf-d~mall 1. It goes with an open heart .ioth m re::- h fpea: of to eare,learne,and obey w hatfothe Word. ever God fhaiJ pleafe to teach: Regards I Hee cannot bee a Difcip1e, that whatever ~ brings not felfe-deniaU. Can he God teach- : h . .11.. k h' .r. I erh J t at ntc es to ts owne rea1on, .Aa:: ISJJ· and denies not his owne wife- · r dpme,ever beleeve thatli'femu£1: be fetched out qfdeath, that one man can ·bee healed by another mans firipes and wounds, that heaven mufi: bee fetched ·out of bell, and a glorious refurrecbon our~ of du!t and alhei? H·ee will · never ~bee' a Difciple, that wiH receive the -word no further than be