Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

-~------------~--------- M Arke.roffolfe-denia/1. 41 he feeth rearon to do it.But a·true Difcipleis defcribed, Ifo.3'-·1· The eyes of thb foeing {hall not hee fo~tt,& thee~trs of them that he~tre [ foa!l heark!n : And David de!ires but to be taught, and pr<:,mifeth to obey, Pfol.t I 9· 33· l. lt iswilling to be acq uaina Loyes it ted with every part ofGods wil, all,even that he may frame his owne will rcproofcs. unto it , as knowing that every truth of God .concerneth every one ofGods people, and is prDftta61t for them to know, 1 Tim. 3. 1 1, 16. and Rom. I 5' ·4· And .hence felfe.deniall loveth reproofes,and likes that M~nifl!Y be!l:, which moll: fearcheth the confcience, and in which is the moU power of God,judging and rebuking his owne finne: there if he be wormded, he is fure to be cured. But farre i$-he from the deniall of his · fmne or himfe1fe, that hates ~nd fi or'mes againfi: him that diflikes and cenfures his ftnne. Ahab had fold