Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

4z . M arkeJ of felfe-d~niall. / ! fold himfelfe to wickednes :and therefore hates·Micaiab, becaufe he never prophecied good unto binl. ' ~rrcls 3· Having heard the word, it not-,but fubfcribes to it, and dares not ea,.. fubmits. vill or difpute againfi it, be it never fo contrary to n~e,or crofs to our defires. Selfe-deniall al- · lowes evet'J th~Hght· to be bro~eght into the shulttnce. ofChrifl,, Cor. 1 o. s. It checks the fl:ubbornneff'e of heart;and faith as Rom . 9 . 20 . 0 111411 ~ -wbD ~rt thoN·thllt Jif}uuft t~gAinft Got! !·who art thou that rifefl againft the truth of God ?. See ]tJ!J 6.2-4. · SufF'crs,ra. 4• Selfe.deniaU in love to the . ther than · h ~ h ·d r.. l rherrurh trut · o.r· t .e wor rexo ves to fuould fai- futfer any thtng, r~ther than to refer. nounce any part of that it.is perfwaded te bee the truth of ~od : fo did the Martyrs. And without · this readineffe to fitffer dif~race and loife for the truth, if wee be called, we can neither be Martyr~ nor