Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Mark~J lJffelft-d~niaJ/. 43 nor Difciples ; wee can have no acquaintance with Chrifi here, . nor bee faved hereafter, LHk! 14.26. So ofthe third note. ~The fourth is in refp.ea of 4.· himfelfe : Hee that bath denied Rellgnad. himfelfe , wi11 defire no way of ~n to:~od profperity but GQds owne, nor ri~ypro pc· relye upon his owne meanes, ) ll:rength, policy, diligence , nor facri fice to his owne net in ru·ccelfes ;but afcribeall his profpe- . rity unto G.pd: it is he that gives . himpDwtr to ' ' ' fo6RIIn~t, it is D 1 ~> f eut.l.l • bee that gives the fruit o the ' wombe, the dew of heaven, the , fat ofearth, that fpreads his table, fils his cup,&c. In adverfity Or ~t!fer­ .. bee will be willingly what God fity. will have him to bee, ftcke or · poore, pained or difgraced ; hee will not carve for himfelfe, but fuffer his father to chufe his rod, and not limit him for the manner or meafure ofcorrection ; and all this