Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

up the crojfe. 69 Fort he prefent:It is ofufe for Prefent ure the tr']ttll o+our ~-'tt;ith much more .& future 1 [- ; 'J J • ' . fue of the prectous than gold.: I Pet. I • 7. crofs,good. ·for the exercife of our ,pAtience, :I. Jam.t.z. and manifoflatia-n ef all graces. Perfumes fmell fw.eetefl, when beaten in a mortar. Starres lhine brightell: in the darkell: n;ght ; fo the graces of the Saints difappeare often in the noon-day & fun-fhine of profperity, & are mofl: fhining in the darke night of aff1i ftion. For the future ifllte : Theft ~. tcmpbrary & foort affliCtions caufo I' l;~ P.'j ~ S"l 11n excellent and eternal/ weight 6J , "? _ ~~101', • c-l!H r1 e oJ s-eglor], 2. Cor.4.17. Thts was Jobs ~'lo t.Ignat. argument,notto refufe the Lords ad Polycar. chaftening: for,Bleffed u the man -whom God correlleth, Job) .I 7· This was Mofes his argument,to chufe the croife and afflidions: ·Heh. J 1.2 5. for, Hee ht~d~eJPeEf to ·the recampence ofreward. What if the·way be rough & afpe~, & - as afowle lane .? yet it leads to heaven,