BV597 W547 v1

o f a v i f ib l e Church o f C h r i / l t i t doth receive him as a Prieft ; for he is an Enemy unto Chrift, whatever he may pretend. Thefe my Enemies, faith Chrift, that would not that I f ould reign over them, bring them hither, and flay them before me, Luke xix. zly. A Difciple of Chrift is one that bath fo learned; Chrift, as to deny himfelf for Chrift ; Luke xiv. 27. Ex- cept a Man hate Father and Mother, yea and his own Life al/o, he cannot le my Difciple ; and unlefs he take up his Crofs andfallow me, he cannot be my Difciple. There is a threefold Self - denial, a denial of finful Self; of natural Self, and of religious Self. Firft of finful Self, which muff be denied at all Times, in all Places, and in all Cafes ; z Tim. ii. 19. He that nameth the Name of Chrift, . mu/t depart from Iniquity. We may not do evil that good may come thereby. Natural Self malt be denied, Self - Riches, Self - Honour, Self- Liberty, Self -Life; But this Self - denial is only to be made, when any or all of thefe (hall come in Competition with Chrift. Religious -Self muff alto be denied, with all our own Righteoufnefs, all our Duties and Performances, all our Qualifications, all Aas of Obedience internal and external ; but this Branch of Self - denial muff be in point of Justification only : We muff lay all at the Feet of Chrift, and reft upon him alone,. in refpeE of our difcharge from Guilt, and our title to Life and Glory. 31y. It is a mark of a Difciple of Chrift, where there is true Love to the Brethren. By this fhallall Men know that ye are my Difciples, if ye have love one to another, John xv. 3o. If others may knowby this mark that you are Chrift's, Difciples, you alfo may know it by the fame. CHAP.