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112 The Inflitution and Government CHAP. XII. Containing fame Branches of Confolation to fuch as are Difci.. pies in deed, and alfo joined to an Inftit uteri Church. ^IRS7, Such are added by the Lord ; Aéts ii. 42. The Lord daily added to the Church fuch as fhould be fiaaved. Difciples in deed are fuch as (hall be faved, they are fuch as continue in the Word ; and we know that he that con- tinues to the End, the fame ,fhall be faved, Matt. X. 22. I. You are added by the Lord, as being added by the Lord's Defcription : Pfal. xxiv. 3. Whojhall afcend into the Hill of God ? who fhall Band in his Holy Place? He that bath clean Hands, and a pure Heart. Now a Difciple in deed is fuch a one. 2. You are come into the Sheepfold by the Door of the told ; you are come to Chrift, and fo are come in at the right Door, and fhall go in and out and find Failure. 3. It is the Lord himfelf that bath difpofed your Spirits by writing his Law in your Hearts, and putting it in your inward Parts, according to the New- Covenant Promife, Jer. xxxi. 33. Which is not a ruling, buta difpofitive Law, which doth difpofe the Soul to come tip in Obedience to his Laws that are contained in his Word. It is tite Lord that hath inclined your Hearts, and excited yoe y his Spirit to join yourfelf to the Church, in Obedience to his Commands. In all which refpeEts you may be Paid to be added by the Lord; and now you Rand where God hath fet you. Secondly, You are Bleffed ones ; yea and you (hall be blefíéd. I. You are bleffed; Pfal. lxxxiv. 5. Bield are they that dwell in thy Houle, they' (hall Hill praije thee. There are three Things in Bleffednefs : (i .) It confifts in the beftow- ing of good ; Bl fjed is the Mari to whom the Lord imputeth .Righteoufn f without Works, Rom. iv. S. Blef d is he in whoje