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of a v fble Church of Chriß: i r 3 whole Spirit there is no Guile, Pfal. xxxii. 3. You that are Difciples indeed, are bleffed in both thefe refpeéts ; you are jufl.ified, you are fandified. (z.) ft conf u s in the re- mining of evil : Biel/4 is the Man whofe Iniquities arefor . given, and whofe Sin is covered; blfd is the Man to whom the Lord will not impute Sin, Rom. iv. 6, 7. You are blef- fed in this refpea, your Sins are pardoned. (3.) It con- fins in turning evil into good : Mat v. Bieffid are ye when- Men revile you and perfecute you, and fay all Manner of evil againflyou. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your Reward in Heaven. You are alfo bleffed in this refpe &,. for you are of the Numberof thefe that have the Promife,. that all Things (hall work together for good to them. z. You !hall be bleffed. Pfal. xxiv. 3. Wba fhall afcend into the Hill of G.d, and who (hall !land in his holy Place ? He that bath clean Hands and a pure Heart : He /hall receive the Bleng from the Lord, and Rzóbteoufize%s from the God cf his Salvation. Pfal. lxv. 4.. Blrrd is the Man whom thou choefef, and car f/1 to a :preach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy Courts; ewe /hall'be fatisfred with the goodn f of thy Houfe, even of thy holy 'Temple. 'Thirdly, You are capable of enjoying the higheft Com- munion with God that is to be enjoyed on this fide Hea ven, the Enjoyment of whom is the higheft Enjoyment. 1. You are capable of the higheft Enjoyment of.God.. You dwell where God dwells, you dwell in his Houle ; Pfál. exxxii. 13. 14. T:.e Lord bath chofen.Sion, be bath d furl it for an Habitation; there will I dwell for ever, for I have defired it. The Church of Ephefies were builded together for a Habitation of God through the Spirit;. there is no filch fight of God as in his E-Ioufe; How did David long to fee God, as he hadfecu him in the.Santuary ? I3fal. lxiii. z. ,Ina to dwell in the Houf of the Lord all the Days of his Life, to behold the Beau °, of the Lord, and to en- quire in bis'empk ? Pfal. xxvii. 4. 2. They fit at God's Table. Who are like to have Communion one with another, more than they that dwell inoneHoofe, and fit together at one Table? While the Arne fttctb::