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114. The Inflitution and Government Ftteth at the `fable, my Spikenard fendethforth itsfinell. 112j ,,8e loved is to me as a Bundle ofMyrrh, Cant. i. 12, 13. 21y. The Enjoyment of God is the highell Enjoyment : Pfal. lxxiii. 25. Whom have I in Heaven but thee ? and there is none on Earth that I ttefire befrdes thee. If we could take a view of [-leaven and Earth at once, we fhould fee na Objea to be compared with God. He is the firft Good, and therefore the bet' Gcod ; all PerfeEtions are in God, all fuperlative Excellencies are in him, he is a foie Good; Lam. iii. 24. The Lord is my Portion, faith my Soul; I will hopein hisMercy. He is aSoul - fatisfyingGood ; Pfal. xvii. 15. As for me, I will behold thy Face in Righteoufnefs; I (hall be fatisfied when I awake with thy Likenefa. The ,Reafon why we are not fatisfied with the Enjoyment of God here, is becaufe we have not the immediate and full Enjoyment of him : When we come to fee him Face to Face, . we íhall delire no more, nor defire no better. Fourthly, You have the molt ample Provifion in refpeE} of Means, and a Biefling promifed in the ufe of them. I. The molt ample Provifion in refpea of Means. You have all the Ordinances of God to enjoy, fo that you are at the Feaft of fat Things, which the Lord bath promifed to make to his People, of fat Things full of Marrow, of Wine on the Lees well refined. AE s ii. 41, 22. Then they that gladly received the W ora', were baptized. (That Ordi- nance is but once to be adminiftred, but it is of continual ufe to oblige the Soul to die to Sin, and to lice to Holinefs, Rom. vi. 3, 4. And allo together with Faith to evidence our title to Salvation : Mark xvi. i6. He that believeth, and is baptized, (hall be Paved) This you have ; and then being added unto the Church, they continued in the 4poflles DoSrine, and breaking of Bread, and Prayer. They had Fellowfhip in all thefe Ordinances, you have all this Pro- vifion. 2. You have a Blefliing promifed in the ufe thereof: Pfal. cxxxii. I. will a ur dantly blefs her Provifion ;' will clothe her Priefls with Salvation, and ber Saints allling for joy. Fifthly, You (hall flourifh and be fruitful, even in old Age, when grey Hairs are upon. your Heads ; Pfal. 11,4.