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of a vvble Church of Chri f1: 1-15 ult. The Righter -us fhall faourijh like a Palm-tree, they 'hall grow like the Cedar in Lebanon. They that are planted in the Houle of the Lord 'hall be fat andfourifhing, they 'hallßill bring forth Fruit in old Are ; to fhew that the Lord is up- right, and that there is no Unrighteoufrefs in him. I. They are plantea in a fruitful Stock. The Lord jefus he is the Vine, and you are the Branches ; there is Juice enough in the Vine to render the Branches fruitful, for in him dwells all the Fùlnefs of the Godhead bodily, all the Treafures of ViTifdom and Knowlege are in him, in him is all the Fuinefs of communicable Grace ; and it is of his fulnefs that all we receive, and Grace for Grace. 2. They are under the manuring ofa fkilful Hatband,: man. I am the l ine, my Father: is the Hufbandman; every Branch in me that beareth Fruit, my Father purgeth it, that it may bring forth more Fruit, John xv. 2.. 3. They enjoy fruitful Means, they have all the Ordi- nances of God vouchfafed to them. 4. They have the promife of Bleffing in the ufe of Means : He will abundantly blefs her. Prov fon. 5. There is the Righteoufnefs of God engaged to make good his Promife : They (hall Hill bring forth Fruit in old 4ge, to Phew that the Lord is rppright,and that, there is no tinrigh:touj.'neh in. him. CHAP. XIII.. Containing an Exhortation to Difciples to be baptized, ana join themfelves with an Inflituted Church of Chrifl. IWould now exhort thofe who upon an Examination can find that they are Difciples indeed, to fubmit to the mediatory Authority of the Lord Jefus, to take up the Ordinance of Baptifm, and join themfelves to an Inftituted Church : I fay to be baptized, and then to join themfelves, for every Thing. fhould be &t win its own order. It is apparent