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1115 The In, litution and Government apparent that this is the Order of the Gofpel, it is the Order of the Commiflion, Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. The Order of Words in the Commiffion mutt be obferved, firs} ciple, then baptize, then teach the Obfervation of all Things whatfoever Chritt had commanded : The Apoftles never broke this Order, no Inilance of any fuch Thing can be given, but lnflances of their obferving and keeping dole to it may be abundantly given, Zeis it. 41. They fill' difcipled, then baptized, then added unto the Church. 1. Confider you that are difcipled to Christ are meet Ma` ter for both. 0.) For Baptifm, Matt. xxviii. 19. Go difciple all Nations, baptizing them, &c. (z.) For Com- munion; Pfal. xxiv. 3. You have clean Hands and a pure Heart ; and therefore you may afcend into the Hill of God, you may Rand in that holy Place. 2. It is your Duty 10 to do. This I. prove by the Corn- million ; it is your Duty to be baptized, and to join your - felves to an lnftituted Church. That both there are en- joined by the Commiflion appears, in that the Apoftles who well underftood their Lord's Commiflion, and kept dole to it, did fo proceed : They firf} difcipled, then bap - ti4ed, then added unto the Church, 1%ls. ii. 41. 3. It is your ? ivilege. fo to do, there is a great Advan- tage to be had thereby upon a fpiritual Account. (t.) Baptifin is of ufe to bind from Sin, and to bind to Duty. Rom. vi. How 'ball we that are dead to Sin lice any. I tiger therein? Kno',u you not that as many of us as were baptized into Chrifl, were baptized into his Death? that even as Chrìß was raifed Ly the Glory of the Father, we a fo'bould walk in :rczvne/s of Life. (z.) To confirm our Faith in the Remiflion of Sin, by the Blood of Christ : A&s ii. 38. Repent and he baptized for the Remifjr'on of Sins, &c. But here Repentance malt precede, or elfe Baptifrn will not do it. (3.) To evidence our Right and Title to Salvation to- gether with Faith : Mark xvi..16. He that believeth and is baptized 'hall be (avid; but feparate from Faith, it gives no Evidence at all. But here you will of me, how Bap- film doth evidence our Right and 'Title to Salvation ? .I aufwer,, aS it is taken up in Obedience to the Will of God, and.,