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1 of a vifible church of Chri t. 11 7 and Faith in the Promife, that he that believeth and is baptized fhall be faved. By the way then obferve, where Baptifm is not thus taken up in Faith and Obedience, it can be no Evidence to them. Whatever Evidence they have, Baptifm is none. 2/y. Church - Communion is a great Privilege. The Fellowfhip which the Members have one with another is refrefhing. Chrittians can rarely unbofom themfelves one to another with that Freedom, as thole that are in Com- munion. Two are better than one ; for if one walk alone, if he fall, there is none to help, him up. But when Chrifli- ans are in a Church- State, if any of them be overtaken with a Fault, finch as are Spiritual are to help them up with a tender Hand; their work is to rettore them with a Spirit of Meeknefs, confidering left'they themfelvesfhould be tempted. There are all the Ordinances of Chrift to be enjoyed, the molt ample Provifion, and a Meiling promifed in the ufe thereof; there rn y the Soul be found in a Capacity to perform the whole of his Duty to God, though not perfe &ly to perform any Part thereof; there may he take and eat which he cannot do while he Elands in a fingle State ; there iii4Jpecial promifed Prefence of God ; there may the Soule ea more Fellowfhip with the Father, and with ene SonAtian while he flands in a Tingle State; be- caufe there are more Means and Ways of Communion than elfewhere. ¢. It was not the PraEtice of Difciples in the primitive Times, to Rand long in a fingle State, as now it is, how- ever it comes about to be the PraEtice now. Then they that gladly received the Word, 'were baptized ; and that fame Day there were added unto them about three thoufand Souls. Wherever the Gofpel took Effect, they were foon embo- died into a Church - State. S. Mernberfhip in an Inflituted Church is a defirable thing : Pfal. xxvii. 4. One thing have I deired of the Lord, that will I Peek after, that 1 may dwell in the Houle of the Lord all the Days of my Life, to behold the Beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his Temple. I cannot think it is lefs defirable now than it was then; for the Lord dwells in Sion, 1