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t 8 The Inflitution and Government Sion fill!, and there his Glory is ftill to be beheld'. Art Inftituted Church is a Houle that Chrift bath built, and it is a fpiritual Houle, to be an Habitation of God through the Spirit. 6. It is now a Seafki to join yourfelves, for now have the Churches Refl. How long this Reft may be conti- nued, God only knows; but this we know, there was a Time when the Churches had Reff, and then they were edified and comforted, and walking in the Fear of the Lord, 2vere multiplied. 7. Time is both fhort and uncertain ; and therefore it is not fafe to delay, left Opportunity fhould be gone behind us. In the Grave who fhall praife thee? If Death comes, there will be an end of Seafon and Opportunity; there- fore take hold of it while you may ; the longer you delay to enter into the Houle of God, the thorter will be your abode there. But here are fomeObjeaions that mull be anfwered. 1. It may be objeaed by fome, That they have not the Ifurance of being di./cipled to Chr/l they defire to have, and that makes them to delay. (1.) I anfwer, if you delay till you have that Affurance you delire to have, you may delay till it be too late. I know no Body hath that Affurance he delires to have, nor may it be expected while we remain in a State of Imper- feEtion; while our Graces are imperfe ì, our Affurance will be imperfect. (z.) It is not the reflex Al of Faith, but the direa AFt, that fits a Perlon to enjoy the Ordinances of Chrift. If thou believeff with all thy Heart, thou mayefl. Now this a Perlon may do that lies abundantly fhort in refpeE of Affurance. Have you accepted Chrift on Gofpel Terms? Have you made a Refignation of your Soul to Chrift, to be taught by him, and faved by him, and governed by him ? This is that which fits you for the Enjoyment of Ordinances. Can you call Chrifl Lord? Why then do you not the Things that he faith unto you ? Let me afk you one Queftion, do you pray and read and hear in Obedience to the Will of God ? If you do, it is a Sign thatyour Hearts are changed ; for the. carnal Mind is Enmity againfl God, and