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1 of a v f ble Church of Chriße t9 and is not fubjeft to the Law of God, neither indeed can be. If you can evidence to yourfelves that there is a Principle of Obedience to be found in you, you may go on with Comfort. (3.) One great Reafon of your want of Afl'urance may be your partial Obedience, flanding at a Diftañce from thefe confirming Ordinances. Baptifm and the Supper of the Lord too are confirming Ordinances, the one of our "unification by the Blood of Chrift; and to that end Peter exhorts them to repent, and be baptized, for the Remiflion of Sin : The other is ofour 1 ntereft in all the Pro. mires of the new Covenant, that were fealed by the Blood of Chrift, a Symbol of which Blood we have in the Cup in the Supper, which is called the New Teftament in his Blood. If we can apply the Blood of Chrift by Faith in thefe Ordinances, then as really as we drink the Cup, fo really have we an Intereft in all there confirmed Proniifes of the new Covenant, by that Blood of which the Cup is a Symbol or Sign. If therefore you can aft in Obedience to the Will of God in any thing, a& in Obedience to his Will in this alto. T hen (hall I not be afhamed, when I have refpeat to all his Commandments, Pfal. cxix. 6. Ye are my Friends, faith Chrift, ifye do all Things whatfoever I command you, John xv. And there is no doubt of it, if it be done as the Lord commands. If ye love 7112, faith Chrift, keep my Commandments, John xiv. a. It may be obje &ed by fome, They tremble e t thefe fiords, He that eateth and drinkcth unworthily, eateth and drinketh Condemnation to himfelf, not d.fcerning the Body of the Lord. I anfwer, (i.) Ifthefe be all the Words you tremble at, it is a bad Sign. We fhould tremble at all the Word ; at. the Precepts, left we come fhort in obeying ; at his Promifes, left we come fhort in applying. (a.) It is a bad Sign if trembling keep us back from Du- ty. But to go on in Duty to God, trembling at his Word, left we come fhort in obeying or in applying the Promu es, is a good Sign. To this Man will l look, faith God, that is