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120 The Iniitu'ion and Government is of a pure and contrite Spirit, and that trembleth at my Word, Ifa. lxvi. 2. zly. 'I'he unworthy Receiver is the unbelieving Re: ceiver : He that looks no farther than the outward Element, but Both not behold a broken and a bleeding Chrift that is held out in them, that looks on the Sign but not on the thing fignified, that feeds only on Bread and Wine, but Both not feed fpiritually by Faith on the Flefh and Blood of a crucified Chrift. 311y. We may not fuppofe thatDamnation is fo fealed up to him that hath eaten and drunken unworthily, that there is no reverfing of it, or that there is no hope of Sal- vation for the future ; but this is a Truth, Perlons do in- creafe their Guilt by it, and fuch unworthy receiving is that which deferves Damnation, and their Condemnation will be aggravated thereby if they remain impenitent. But we may not look on it to be the unpardonable Sin : Therefore I would exhort all that do truly fear God, that do tremble at his Word, left they {hould come fhort in obeying, in believing, in applying the Promifes, in heark- ening to and following the Council of Chrift, to lay by all thefe Objeétions, and to go on in their Duty ; and if they can a& in Obedience to the Will of God, the Lord will be with them. Matt. xxviii. 2o. Lo, I am with you al- n.vays to the End of the World, Amen : Notonly with them that teach Obedience to the Will of God in all Things, but with them alfo that learn, in all Things to obey? Matt. xviii. 20. Where two or three are gathered together in my Nome, there am I in the Midjii of them. C H A P. XIV. Containing an Exhortation to Churches to endeavour to pre - ferve and maintain Peace in each particular Congregation. IN the laftPlace I would exhort the Churches of Chrift, and each particular Congregation, to be careful and endeavour