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-- of a vifible Church of Chri 1. r 2 endeavour to preferve Peace in the Church, to be at peace among themfelves. I would prep, the Exhortation with a few moving Confiderations. r. Confider that the Effects of the Breach of Peace are very fad. One Efre ì is, a :l al of Sin is ordinarily corn- /Ili, red thereby ; and can th re be a ladder Effeét ? Diffe- rences do raife Heats, Heart burnings one against another. 7rmes tells us, Where Envy and Strife is, (and it is often found that thefe are Twins) there is Confufzon, and every evil lr ork. It doth commonly beget a Multitude of Words, in which Solomon tells us, there wanteth not Sin, Prov. x. 19. It is ordinary when Differences do arife in a Church, to make Parties in the Cafe on each fide. And when Churches are fplit intoParties, it is bad; for then much of their Time is fpent in fuch Difcourfes as come to nothing. And when they meet to debate their Differences, they break out into Heats, and retied one upon another, and every thing is taken in the worft Senfe; and Breaches are rarher widened than healed, and rhefePartiesare too often puffed up one against another : We know it was fo in the Church of Corinth. And we are too much pleafed with the Mifcarriages one of another, and will be fure to keep a Regifter of them, that fo they may be capable to defame each other; and at last it may be foe that it will iffue in a Separation, to the Grief of thole that are Sincere, the Joy of the Wicked, and the Difcouragement of thole that were beginning to look Heaven -ard. I doubt not but woful Exl erience doth contribute evidence enough to thefe fad Effedis of the Breach of Peace in Churches, z. It is your Duty to endeavour the Prefervation of Peace while you have it, and to Peek after it when it is gone. (i.) To preferve it while you have it : Mark ix. so. Have Salt inyour felvrs, and be at Peace one with another. Rom. xiv. 9. Let its follow after the Things that make for Peace, and Things whereby one may edify y another. z Cor. xiii. 1 i . Live in Peace, and the God of Love and Peace (hall be with you. I !hall add but one Text more of the many that do prefs this Duty ; Eph. iv. 3. Endeavouring to keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace. (z.) It