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122 The In"litution and Government (a .) It is our Duty to endeavour the Recovery of it when it is gone, or is taking its flight from us: i Pet. iii. 1 i. Seek Peace, and en/tie it. This is an Exhortation to a proper Expedient in order to the feeing of good Days, as you may fee by the preceding Verfe. If Peace should feem to fly from us, we fhould after it, and if pofíiible overtake it, and recover it again. Go with Terms of Peace along with you; condefcend as tar as you can, deny yourfelves in what you may to purchafe Peace: The Rule is, If it be p4(jible, as much as inyou lies, live pea.eaby ,with all Men, Rom. xii. i8. Go as far aspofhbiy you can. And me- thinks it tthould be poflible to live fo in an Inilituted Church, where Perlons profeffes to walk by rule ; Pfal. xxxiv. 14. Seek Peace and enjùe it; be unwearied in the per - fuit of it, give not over till you have overtaken it. 3. Confider, it is a bleffed thing to be a Peace- maker, Mat. v. 9. Bl fd are the Peace-makers, forthey( hall be call- ed the Children of God. They refemble their heavenly Fa- ther, for he is a God of Peace. If the People of God among whom Differences arife, did Rudy this Text more, and were careful that this Charaeter might appear in them, how foon would Differences be made up; if all were for Peace, who could carry on the War? 4.. Confider, Peace in Churches isadefirable thing. How earneflly did the Apoflle pray for it ? 2 Thef. iii. 2. Now the Lord bimjilfgive you Peace always, by all Means. If in- ward and fpiri.tual Peace be mainly intended here, I do not think the other is excluded, but rather comprehended : For it is a great Duty to pray for the Peace of .7erufalem; Pfal. cxxxii. 6, 7. Pray for the Peace of lerufalem, Peace be within thy Walls. g. Confider, if Churches do live in Peace, it is a good Expedient in order to the Enjoyment of the God of Peace. 2 Cor. xiii. i t. Finally, my Brethren, farewel; be prrfed, be of one Mind, be at Peace, and the God of Peace 'hall be with you. 6. It is a very lovely and pleafant Sight to behold Churches in Peace. Behold, bow pleafant andjoyful a Thingit is for Brethren to live together in Unity! It is like the preci- s,us Ointment that was poured on the.. Head of Aaron, that ran IOWA