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of a v fble Church of Chrrß. x t Church of God reflriëtively. Betides, it is the Church of Corinth which is here cautioned, that they give no Offence to the Church of God. All Believers in the World are the Church of God, though they are no otherwife embodied than as they are called in one hope of their Calling. Eph. iv. 4. There is one Body, even as ye are called in one hope of your Calling, &c. But here is one Objection that I have met withal againft this, That a People cannot have the Deno- mination of a Church, unlefs they be gathered together in one Place. To this I anfwer, if this Objection have any weight in it, then there is no fuch thing as the univerfal invifible Church, confifling of all the Elect : For though they be gathered together in one Head, the Lord Jefus Chrift, yet they were never as yet gathered together in one Place. They are called the Church, they are the Church of the Firft-born, lieb. xii. 23. that are 'written in Hea- ven. Secondly, If this Objection will hold, then a particular in- flituted Church can no otherwife be denominated a Church than as they are gathered together in one Place for the Worfhip of God : When they are parted afunder, then they are no Church; and if they are no Church, then there be no Officers ; for there can be no Shepherd, if there be no Flock. But we find them oiled the Church of God in the Epiftles that were fent to them, though they were not together in one Place when the Epifiles were written : i Cor. xiv. 23. If therefore the whole Church be come together into one Place, &c. Thefe are hill a Church, being embodied according torule, and do bear the Dono- mination of a Church, whether they are together or afun- der. The Elders of the Churchof Ephefus were the Elders of the Church, though the Church was not together in one Place. Aéls xx. 17. Aldfrom Miletus hefent and call- ed for the Elders of the Church, &c. Thirdly, By this word Chvirch we are to underhand a particular inflituted Church. Now a particular inflituted Church mull be diflinguifhed according to its Conflitution. tff. By an inflituted Church we are to underhand a Na- tional Church. Aéls. vii. 38. This is he that was in the Church in the Wildern f . The Church was the Church of the