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ri- L._ 12 The Infiitution and Government the Jews that was a National Church. They had a Na- tional Altar to offer their Sacrifices on : Exod. xxiv. 4. And Mofes budded an Altar under a Hill, and twelve Pillars, _according to the twelve Tribes of Ifrael. And Mofes _fine young Men of the Children of Ifrael, and offered Burnt -Ofer- ixgs thereon, &c. They had a National Priefthood, Aaron was their High Prieft; they had a National Place of Wor- Ibip, which was firft at Shila, after that at 7erufalem, whi- ther the Tribes went up to worship. There was but one golden Candleftick under the legal Difpenfation, Zach. iv. ult. 2d/y. By an inftituted Church we are to underftand a particular Congregation, the Matter whereof are vifible Saints, and the Form mutual Confent and Agreement. I Cor. 1. 2. Unto the Church of Corinth fanc`tified in Chris refus, called to be Saints. i Their. i. 1. Unto the Church of the Theffalonians, which is in God the Father, and in the Lord refus Chrift. Such were the feven Churches in Afia, Rev. ii. and iii. Chapters. Now this is the Church I intend to treat of, a particular inftituted Church, an incorporated Body, to the End that God may be worfhipped by themgccording to his own Ap- pointment. C H A P. II. Containing a Defcription of an inßituted Church of CHRIST. AN inftituted Church of Chrift is a competent Num- ber of vifible Saints joined together by mutual Con - fent, to worship God according to his own Appointment, to the Honour-of God through Chrift, and their own mu- tual Edification in Subordination thereunto. Firi,There muff be a competent Number, every Com- munity or incorporated Body mull confift of fo many as are capable to keep themfelves pure. The Church mull not