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74 The Injl?itution and Government bars himfelf; but each one { hould have the right Hand of Fellowlhip given unto him. s7 F. C H A P. VIII. Containing the Bounds of an Inßituted Church with refpeól to the Members thereof. ICOME now to handle the Bounds of an Inftituted Church with refpeft to the Members thereof; who may be received in, who may be continued in: Fill, more generally. Secondly, more particularly. Firfl, More generally. The Word of God is the Bound : fo far as the Word of God allows them, to re- move their Stakes and to ftretch out their Curtains, fo far they may fit-etch them cut, and no farther. t. Then, baptized Difciples, fomeway inftruEted into the Difcipline of the Church, are meet Matter to be joined to them (that is, regularly to be joined) though I would not hereby unchurch thofe Churches that are regular in refpecî of Matter and Form, where the Matter is vifible Saints, and the Form is by mutual Confent, theirChiidren being not brought into the. Definition. But fuch as do bring Children in an Infant State to be Members of an Inftituted Church, are not duly conftituted neither in re- fpedt of Matter or Form.' I fay I would not unchurch fuch Churches that are duly conftituted in refpea of Matter and Form, and yet lie Ihort of Light concerning the Mind of God. In this Matter, I look upon it as an Irregularity for a Perfon to offer himfelf to Communion antecedent to the taking up this Ordinance, or for Chriftians to em- body together, antecedent thereunto; but every Irregula- rity do:h not deftroy the Effence of a Thing. The Effence of a Church lies in Matter and Form ; and Ihould we go about to put in Principles into the De- fcription of a Church, I mean fuch Principles as do re- fpe&t Matter of Practice, as well as Matter of Faith, I fear we might thereby unchurch more Churches, than we may