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of a vifuble Church of Chrß. 75 may be able to conflitute aright. For inftance, fome Churches do look on finging of Pfalms to be an Ordinance of God, and accordingly are in the Praaice of it ; mutt they be unchurched for owning that to be ri Ordinance of Chrift which others cannot receive ? Why then had not the Church at ferufalem been unchurched, for keeping up Circumcifion after Chrift was offered up, when Circumcifion was abolifhed ? Others are not for finging of Pfalms, neither in Practice nor in Principle; muff they be unchurched for want of this fuppofed Ordinance ? Why then had not jael been unchurched, who were without the Feaft of Booths, or without that Ceremony of dwelling in Booths, in the Feaft of the feventh Month, from the Days of 70./hua, to the return from the feventy Years Captivity ? Nehem, viii. 17. If not, Why mull all thofe Churches be unchurched that lie fhort of their Duty in the Point of Baptifm, merely for want of Light con- cerning the Mind of God in this Matter, provided there be the Effence ofa Church in refped of Matter and Form? We have found this to be a difputable Point as well as finging, and it was long before many of us that now own it, were convinced of it. If it be plain to us now, fo are all Things elfe to him that underi }ands them; but it may be dark enough to others. I look on it to be an Irregularity, where Church Communion is held, and the Mem3ers not baptifed ; but not fuch Irregularity, as to make their Church -State a mere nullity. I have now made a long Di- greflion, I ftiall return to the Point in Hand. I fay, bap- tized Difciples, fome way iníiru &ed in the Difcipline of the Church, are meet Matter to be joined to an Instituted Church. It is Reafon that thofe that are to (hare in the Government of the Church, should be made fome way ac- quainted with the Rules thereof. There is teaching after baptizing as well as before; teaching them to obf rve all Things <whatfo ever l have commanded you. They should in fome Meafure be made acquainted with the Nature of the Houle of God, the goings in and the comings out there- of; they fhould be (hewed the Forms and the Laws there- of. That fuch are regular Matter to be joined to an In- flituted Church appears, Matt. xxviii. 19, zo. Go D fciple G z to