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76 The Infitution and Government to me all Nations, Baptizing them, &c. teaching them to ob- ferve all Things whatfoever I have commanded you, &c. Now if we may read the Commands of Chritt in Apoftolical Precedents, then it is plain that this is one of Chrill's Commands, that his Apoltles were to teach the baptized Difciples to obferve; A Is ii. 41. Then they that gladly rjceived the Word were baptized; and the Jame Day there were added unto them about three thoufand Souls. Secondly, They mull be found in the Faith. But here force may objet, That if Perfons are baptized upon a Profeffion of Faith, it is to be fuppofed that they are found in the Faith, or elfè why are they baptized? I anfwer, 1 do not here handle the Bounds of a Church only with refpea to the receiving Members, but alfo with refpedt to their abiding in the Church, after they are re- ceived. A Perlon that was judged found in the Faith when he was firft received, may afterwards be corrupted in his Principles, and become very rotten and unfound. i Tim. 1. 19. Holding Faith and a good Confcience, which Jo'me having put away, concerning Faith have made Shipwreck. This 1 fhalI handle, firil negatively; Secondly pofitively. i. Negatively, he muff be free from Herefy : Titus i. 1o. He that is an Heretick, after the fir,1 and fecond dd- monition r jeel. Now an Heretick is one that choofeth to himfelf force Opinion that is directly contrary to force Fundamental plainly fiated in the Word of the Lord. Every Error is not an Herefy; if it were, all Churches would foon be unchurched : For he that is an Heretick muff be rejected after the fecond Admonition. I 117a11 give a few In{tances of Herefy. (i.) He is an Heretick that denies the Trinity, that !hall deny that there are Three in One, and One in Three: For the' eis nothing more plainly Bated in the Word than this; i john v. 7. There are Three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Spirit ; and theft Three are One: He that denies the Trinity mull deny either the Father, the Word, or the Spirit; and which - foever of thefe is denied, there is a Foundation -Point in Religion denied. To deny the Son, is to deny that there is